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Galactic alignment 21/12/2012


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Does anyone know how many times a galactic alignment has already happened? Earth is still here. It is an interesting idea though that a planetary and galactic alignment could cause us grief :) We haven't experienced one ourselves, so we can't say exactly what will happen. I'm more concerned with those huge space rocks putting a target on our planet :D

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According to Dr Jocelyn Bell, on radio four yesterday a Galactic alignment occurs every Winter Solstice, with the Earth, Sun and the Black hole at the centre of our galaxy being in line, and this has no detectable effect, but in theory may raise the level of the high tide by around half a millimetre.

She was also asked about the magnetic poles of the Earth "Flipping", and what effect that would have on mankind, to which she replied it has happened around every 300,000 years, and so far we didn't even notice it.

However that may be different the next time due to the problems it may cause with modern technology.

Maybe your SatNav will try to direct you to Australia!

Well it's warmer and probably has less clouds.

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Guest David Pugh

From what I have read the magnetic poles are overdue to flip. They may flip this year or in a 1000 years time, nobody knows.

Wouldn't like to be in a plane when it happens.

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I remember Horizon programmes of yesteryear dealing with super volcanoes, ice ages, etc. and we were overdue all of them. It would be a real bummer if they all happened on the same day

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