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Hello from Nottingham


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Hello to the forum, my name is Jonathan. I've had a passing interest in astronomy for some time and have decided now is a good time to start learning more. At the moment I've got a pair of 10x80 binoculars and a Meade ETX80 to explore the night sky with. It's all incredible and a little baffling, it's certainly easy to get lost up there!

I live in Nottingham and work in Lincoln so I get to see a lot of light pollution, I expect to keep my observing equipment lightweight and portable so I can travel to dark sites. 

I think I will be particularly interested in imaging but need to find out more, to that end I've bought a Philips webcam and adapter, I'm sure it will be great when I can get it to work!

Other interests include amateur radio, flying, boating ... I never seem to go for anything cheap ?

This forum has taught me a lot already, I look forward to learning a lot more. 


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A warm welcome to EMS Johnathan.

There's a good few of us in and around Nottingham. You would be very welcome to come along to any of the meets and bring your kit along if we go over to one of our dark sites. We have one down at Wymeswold and one up at Belper, these are where the monthly meets are generally held. 

Keep an eye on the info and announcements section.

Enjoy the forum. :)

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Thanks all for the warm welcome, the forum is a great place, I've learned a lot already. I'm definitely planning to be at Wymeswold at the end of the month, it'll be great to meet some of you in person. Clear skies would be the icing on the cake. 


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