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Best lens for my Canon


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Interested for your opinions on the best lens for wide field astro work.

Going to Las Palma in a couple of weeks time.

Taking a scope is not really an option.

Going to be taking the Adventurer mount and the Canon.

Just need a lens to go on the front of it. 

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Hi Graham 


the best ones are a tad expensive, the wide angle fast lenses can come a bit steep.  Just dont forget if your canon is modded

some of the lenses will not fit on, cant remember which one is which, but it caught me out once.  there are EF and EFS

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Buy yourself a nifty fifty, 50mm 1.8. It may not give super wide views but you can get all but the massive constellations in view. Its cheap, less than 90 notes in places and is easy to use on astro, just stop it down a bit to control star shapes. Then after you've played with that a few times see if you want to go wider.

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I have the 16-35 F4 as my wide angle Graham.

More than happy with it.


Samyang do a couple of nice lenses, both primes.

The 24 F1.4 and the 14 F2.8 are well liked by those in the know.

They pop up on eBay as well.

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