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PoTM November


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Although there have been one or two good nights this month, most of them fell on a school night, so taking advantage of them may have been difficult. That however didn't stop some, and here's what they produced.



The first out of the trap was Ibbo with a nice Horse head and Flame nebula in Ha.

Clive followed this with an unguided rendition of M31.

Stuart posted a belter of an image of NGC1333, a reflection nebula which is part of the Perseus molecular cloud, taken with a camera lens and not through a scope.

Rob added another image of M31, showing nice dust lanes.

Sheila gave us a "Hubblesque" Cave nebula, which has absolutely hours of data in it, the colours are great and has bags of detail.

Ibbo closed the month with a nice Elephants Trunk in ha.



Paul from the East Coast was our only entrant this month with a lovely sharp half Moon.


Comets, Asteroids, Meteors & Meteorites


Derek shared a lovely animation of a near earth asteroid passing by Polaris. Again taken with a camera and lens.



Ibbo mugged the Sun pretty much everytime it stuck it's head out of the clouds, he posted eight images, two of which were animations. 

Phil also went out Sun bothering and shared his image.



There are some outstanding images this month, but for me one just stood out that little bit more. I just liked the subject and the capture, it reminds us that one day we might get a closer call from one of these.


This months winner is Derek (Orion) with his image of a Near Earth Asteroid passing by Polaris.





Thanks to everyone for their contributions, it takes time, patience and sheer hard work to produce the images you share. (And some cussing! :D )


Here's to a shed load of clear night's in December, particularly over Christmas, so we can get out and do the sky justice. 



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