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Long Eaton School Star Gazing Event.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Perkins  (FRAS), Has requested our help with providing some telescopes for the public to look through at Long Eaton School.

This will be on Tuesday the 10th of January 2017 at the school. Setting up will be from 16.30 on wards with the public being admitted from 18.00 until 21.00.


If the weather is inclement, then there will be room to set them up indoors.

Anyone who is able to assist, please stick your name in this thread so we can get an idea of who will be attending. (I will be! It's a good night)


The Address: Thoresby Rd, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 3NP


Contact me if you need any further info, If I don't know, I can find out.


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Anyone who can attend and bring a scope, please pm me and I'll co-ordinate with Mike. We had a good time last year with shed loads of kids going wow.


If you have a step stool, bring that, so the little un's can get to the eyepiece, we were short of those last year.

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Let me check with the boss as I have not been finishing work until 18:30 - 19:00 ish time for the past few months, as I will need to leave work early.


Will PM you @BAZ either way.

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Thanks Mike for a good evening.

There were plenty of things for folks to see and do. There were plenty of folks through the doors, shame it wasn't clear so they could look through a scope but you cant have everything. We did get a 30 seconds glegg through the obs scope at the moon before it completely vanished though. Nice to see Baz, Cazz and Sheila again, shame others from EMS couldn't make it

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Although I struggled to get there due to heavy traffic, it was totally worth the effort. There was a good turn out despite the weather. It as great to see the Ilkeston and Nottingham Astro soc guys again, and to catch up with Sheila,Phil, Cazz and Ibbo doing his stars in a tent show. Another good evening, just a shame about the weather, but hey ho. :)

Good one Mike.

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