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My computer is dying.........


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2010 Apple iMac.

Something major is going down with it.  :facepalm2:

I suspect a major hardware fault. Any Apple Mac users out there ?? I'm sick of seeing 'the Beachball of death'.


So.........looks like i need a replacement. I do appreciate that after 6+ years of use, issues and faults / failures are going to appear. Same with anything.


Now do i go back to a windows based machine, or simply get another iMac ?

I've been very happy with the iMac, but really only use it for email, web surfing, online shopping & banking, photos and music. Plus the odd game or two.


This isn't intended to be a Windows vs Mac debate, but if you can offer any thoughts, advice i'd appreciate it.


I'm not very computer savvy, (i can get by) and last used a Windows PC in 2010 (running XP)

The cost of a new Apple system is prohibitive.

My other half has a reconditioned PC from SB computers in Long Eaton that is performing excellently. This is used for business first and foremost.

I want to image and use PP and a Windows based system seems the best way forward.


Is Windows 10 stable and easy to use ? 

Will i need antivirus and all that malarkey ?


Input and thought / ideas welcome.






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You didn't have an Anti Virus on Apple :o Apple get them too !


Windows 10 stable for Astro so long as you have fully compatible drivers from things like camera's,USB serial converters. Perhaps a good idea to list up your kit and see if anyone has had any problems,in windows 10, with the drivers.


For std stuff Web surfing etc no problems. Like anything new takes a bit of getting used too ,especially after XP. What Windows version does the other half have ? perhaps the other half would teach you :laugh3:


AND YES you will need Anti Virus program:facepalm:


7 years return ,2010-2017 Imac,no bad though.


Perhaps Apple would do a part exchange!!

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I'm 90% sure my Imacs predicament is not virus related Clive.

My good lady is running Windows 7 Pro.

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I am running windows 10 pro and have not had any trouble with it, I use it foe astronomy and  banking

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i bought one of these from sb computers, they do them with ssd drives now for around £199+vat, they are a big machine but has plenty of spare slots on the rear so does allow you to upgrade it for things like usb 3 and so on.

mine has windows 10 and works very well with no driver issues, apart from eqmod which is easy to fix, you just go into device manager and roll back the driver, another thing to do with windows 10 is to turn off the automatic updates, if not it will download them and just reboot your pc when it`s finished which is a pain when your in the middle of a imaging session.





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12 hours ago, Bino-viewer said:

I'm 90% sure my Imacs predicament is not virus related Clive.

My good lady is running Windows 7 Pro.

Never suggested it was - I was just poiting out that Apple kit gets virus's too :)


Just get as much RAM as you can and make sure its 64bit processor and Windows 10 - 32bit limit is 3-4gb so any more is pointless. The Ram and SSD will give you the best all round speed.

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Can't comment on imac's my wife has one and I don't like it......


My Laptop died (Blue screen of death) so I got a secondhand Thinkpad (IBM) with a core i5 processor which is the same as wifeys imac.

This one - http://www.ijtdirect.co.uk/4318/ £139

Fitted a 240Gb SSD, it is ready to use including me entering the password in 45 seconds from pressing the on button.

Battery life with the SSD is only 2 hours though.


All my EQMOD and astro software (imaging) works fine in Windows 7 Pro.

Also bought a 12V car adapter to power it from my leisure battery. (£13 off Amazon)

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I wouldn't go with win 10 biggest spyware and it even as a keylogger built in.


I'm personally against laptops as you can't upgrade them and if they break they cost more to fix.   If you want a decent PC I could build you one to your specs, but it all comes down to how much you want to spend on one.   If you only want to spend a couple hundred on one then you will get a basic system that will be out of date and replacement parts will get harder to get as time goes on.


I'd be happy to chat with you about one, and as you are just down the road not far to go.  Message me if you want to talk and ill send you my address so you can pop round and have a cuppa and chat.



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I have recently had a similar dilemma with my MacBook getting slower and slower (it is 9 years old). In that time I have gone through 2 windows based machines so the Mac is cost effective but restricted on what I can use it for. I am only using my Mac to run a control program for my telescope now and it handles that. For the rest of my computing I use an ipad. I don't like windows 10 I prefer 7 but you get used to anything. My judgement is not based on technicalities i just prefer 7.
In the longterm I'm happy with my ipad, it does all i require.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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Hi all,

Thankyou for your interesting input.


My poor old computer is failing rapidly ; not quite on life support, but only a few steps away from it !!!

Speaking earlier with an expert : my diagnosis of a failing HDD is correct. Pretty much terminal.

I have had just over 6.5  good years out of it, and its performed faultlessly up untill mid December.


Clive : i've never used any anti virus software with this iMac. In over 6 years. Never felt the need to. That speaks volumes. 

I remember with my Windows PC having all this Norton stuff, and having to pay £40 or £50 a year for it. It was a PITA to be honest. All those scans and updates slowing it down. I don't miss it.


Being fairly competent with Apple Mac i have decided to stick with it. 

Makes sense being an iPhone / iPad user as well.

My Windows knowledge is non existant, and the version 10 software seems to have a mixed liking reading your comments.


It will be a big hit in the pocket sourcing a new iMac but i'll have to cope with it. No Astrofest goodies this year i'm afraid.

And to eliminate any HDD failures in the future i will be using solid state memory.



Kev : thankyou for your generous offer ; one thing i love about this forum is that help is always close at hand. 



Rob : i am impressed with the help and the purchase that we made at SB in Long Eaton.

         I'm hoping to do business there again and buy a reconditioned laptop from them running Windows whatever.

         Something to use that will enable me to image Lunar & Planets with a high-framerate camera. Thats the plan, but it will have to wait now.



Thanks to all again. Clear skys :2thumbsup:







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My iMac is now dead. 

Game over. 


I'm going outside for a little while, and may be gone for some time......

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