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Greetings from just outside Loughborough.


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I live very close to Loughborough. So that we have the glow from Leicester and Nottingham to the north and south! :(


Been taking photos with a number of wide field lenses using a EOS650 canon SLR. Over the last year I've been using a Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX lens.


Very recently for a working trip to the Isles of Scilly brought a Skywatcher Star Adventurer Astronomy Bundle and took it with me. Sadly other than a few time-lapse sequences of the moon and clouds it barely came out of the box. Couldn't see Polaris for the clouds.


Back in 2013 was working in Chile in the Atacama desert. We'd been told by a local that we wouldn't have a chance of getting a visit to the VLT during our time there as they are booked up for months, but sent an email anyhow and they were awesomely accommodating. They setup a visit with an English speaking guide to see the VLT and I could gaze in wonder at the huge telescopes. Well worth a 3 hour each-way  drive through the desert!

Working in the desert was rather primitive, but late at night the views of the milky way more than made up for it. Sadly when I went back with a SLR a few months later, wasn't lucky with the haze and was rather busy with commissioning the water plant that I was there to do!


Over the last few years been in a few places with pretty dark sky's. My favourite is the Isles of Scilly. Have had a few goes at stacking with some success but tonnes more to learn. Want to get a EQ mount and expand more with visiting darker areas in the UK. Got the Star Adventurer to have a portable kit that can travel with me. For family reasons tend to limit my travel to the UK and Europe now.


Can't see if I can attach some images. Is it best to put some on Astrobin or somewhere?


All the best








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Hi Richard.

Welcome to EMS. I see you've been to Chile. Thats on my bucket list of places to see.

As are the Isles of Scilly.


Enjoy the forum, we are a very friendly group. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like, no matter how daft they may seem.

Hope to meet you sometime. :)


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Welcome to EMS Richard.


You were obviously very lucky getting to see the VLT, must have been an incredible sight, as I'm sure we're the night skies. :thumbsup:


To put images in a post... At the bottom of the reply text box, click "Insert other media" and then click "Insert image from URL". Copy/paste the image URL from Astrobin or Dropbox etc., and it should appear in your post. It would be good to see some of your images.


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Welcome to EMS Richard! :)

I hope you enjoy the forum,

That was a good first post ?

Now looking forward to more posts from you, Including some images - any probs just post em, cheers! ?

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Hi Richard, 

Welcome to ems, never been to Chile but I loved a holiday I took around 25yrs back to Tresco , Isles Of Scilly, beautiful place, very calm and peaceful :)

It must of been great to see those scopes in Chile tho. If you've not been up to jodrell bank in UK yet that's worth a trip to see :)


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Hello and welcome to the forum, how lucky were you to see the VLT, bet that was an awesome sight!


Hope you enjoy the forum.

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