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Social Media.

Daz Type-R

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For those of you who care to dabble in the arts of social media (Facebook, Twitter ETC), EMS has for many a year had a presence on these platforms, but activity (especially on Twitter) has been pretty scarce.


We have now re-instated these accounts, with updates occurring once or twice a week, or more frequent if anything of special interest happens to come across our path, that we feel maybe of interest.


There will be nothing on there that is not already on here, the forum, but we felt it a good way to get EMS (and the bigger picture of astronomy in general) out to the masses, who maybe interested but unaware there is a online presence for such things.


So feel free to follow EMS on Twitter, do a search for @EMStargazers, and tweet anything that you find, or feel could be of interest.  We currently have 717 followers, from many parts of the world, and we follow 626 different people / institutions, ranging from NASA to other local stargazing groups.


For Facebook, do a search for East Midlands Stargazers, and like and/or follow the page.  If there is anything of interest you think people in your social circle would like to see, then just share the article.





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