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Life on Earth 3.77 Billion Years Ago?


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A fascinating article here:




The origin of life has long been contentiously debated, often because researchers are trying to understand events that occurred billions of years ago. Adding to the debate is a recent discovery from deep in the exotic landscape of the Nuvvuagittuq (nuh-vu-ah-gi-took) belt in Canada where scientists have uncovered fossils they believe to be 3.77 billion years old. If they’re right, that would make their discovery the oldest fossil evidence on record.


Now, with theories abound relating to life on Earth being seeded from Comets or Asteroids, and the Late Heavy Bombardment being between 4 billion and 3.8 billion years ago. Is it possible or plausible that these microbes originated from off our planet? I shall be looking out for further news on this! Potentially the origin of life and certainly pointing toward life being possible when we thought otherwise.

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I can thoroughly recommend this book by Nick Lane... it covers this very subject regarding the likelihood of life starting in the 'white smokers' at the bottom of the sea... and also other stages in the development of life... worth looking into...





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I certainly think panspermia is possible but then, if life originated elsewhere, we still need to work out how it started.


I would guess that microbial life is common in the universe but anything as intelligent as a dog is extremely rare.

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