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ISS Lunar transit 13-03-2017


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Nah that's not the ISS that's Darth Vaders personal ship.


Well captured Paul C- dont you ever sleep ????

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there is one visible from WW on Thurs at about 1-30am will check if anyone wants the times





Close to Moon. Separation=0.973°  Position Angle=162.9°, Position angle vertex=175.7°
Angular diameter=31.0"  size=109.0m x 73.0m x 27.5m
Satellite at Azimuth=158.6° SSE  Altitude= 24.1°  Distance=890.5 km (in shadow)
In a clock-face concept, the satellite will seem to move toward  9:08
Angular Velocity=28.2'/s

Centerline, closest point →Map: Longitude=  1°03'29"W  Latitude=+52°47'29" (WGS84)  Distance=34.94 km  Azimuth=148.4° SSE  Path direction= 58.4° ENE  ground speed=7.471 km/s  width=15.8 km  max. duration=1.0 s
Sun altitude=-36°  Elongation from Sun=140°
TLE epoch: 17072.19445243

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You sleep, you loose, Clive :-)


Here's the video combined into a single frame



ISS Lunar 13-03-2017



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Yes but i like garlic ,have a reflection, and I can go out during the day!


Like the combo video very neat - now try it without the reducer :spititout:

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