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NASA Needs YOUR help.


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As a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society I received the following email (abridged version) quoted below. This is your chance to help NASA to evaluate their risk assessment. Whilst it was sent to me as a Fellow, there is no reason why anybody here can't complete the survey :)



Dear Fellow,


We’ve been contacted by Dr. Jennifer Inman, a physicist for NASA Langley Research Centre. She has asked if you would be interested in helping to enlighten NASA researchers about your telescope usage and astronomical viewing habits by taking a short survey.


Dr Inman is conducting a probabilistic risk assessment of the hazard potentially presented to the general public as a result of NASA’s satellite-based climate science lidar measurements.


They’ve been working with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the NASA Night Sky Network to formulate initial estimates of many of the input parameters used in their calculations (e.g. number of amateur astronomers, distribution of telescopes by entrance aperture, frequency of telescopic observations, etc.). They’ve begun a higher-fidelity Monte Carlo analysis and want to try to refine some of their estimates.


To that end, they’ve put together a survey targeted at astronomers. You can complete the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/E7n4Xrvp3oQqmCYn1.



***Please note that this is a request from NASA. I will not be able to answer any questions about the project or the survey.***


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