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NGC5139 Omega Centauri


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Typical the weather has been superb over the weekend but I was working so didn't have enough energy to do anything about it in my own back garden so I had a bash from Aus today.


The full moon was rather close but this is so bright I thought I stood a chance.


5 minute exposure, luminance only. Scope Tak FSQ106ED running at F5 with FLI camera the size of a shoe box :D  Severely cropped to show the object as the FOV is immence with this set up

Omega Centauriiproc.jpg

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Fantastic object. Fantastic image! ?

Globs are probably my favourite objects... and this one is the daddy! Pity it's down there!

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Ta guys. I would love to see these southern sky objects in person but circumstances make that impossible so this is the next best thing. Doing it by proxy so to speak.


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