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Around the LMC


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Went on the Tak106 in Aus today despite the close moon. I am fascinated with the LMC, never seen it in the flesh and probably never will, but I wanted to have a bash around the Tarantula Nebula area. There was a heck of a lot of moon glare to get out of this so its suffered a little, plus the scope went haywire for 2 subs (will have to get a refund on those).


5 x 2 minute lum only subs with Tak FSQ106 at Sidings Springs




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Very nice view. It must be fascinating to have another galaxy visible that is jam packed full of its own bright DSO's to observe. The whole thing is a massive 11 by 9 degrees in the sky! :thumbsup:

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This shows I have never seen the LMC. In the 1st image I thought there was too much glare from the almost full moon so I tried getting rid of it with gradient ext etc. I just had another bash and realized what I thought was moon glow wasnt because the side where the moon was is the darkest in the image. This glow is actually the LMC fainter areas


So here is another go.



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