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Vertical Lines from DSS


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The good news is that I actually got out under a dark(ish) sky lately. The bad news is that DSS sometimes fails to stack or produces a "nice" dark frame! More common is that I end up with a series of vertical lines of 50 shades of grey. Has anyone else had this?


I'm using a 75-300mm zoom lens.

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I had a similar experience on a couple of occasions. After checking what went in I found a number of "duff" images - removing them and redoing dss produced better results. However I have had other occasions when DSS has "thrown a wobbly" - the cure on these occasions was to clear all the no image files in the folder where the images are and reprocess them again. I use Astrotoaster which calls DSS and this has a "delete temp" files button which seems to help.  I think its DSS "getting its knickers in a twist".

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