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MR B upsets meteor watching

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BAZ    714

I was doing alright, I got half a dozen bright ones, most to the west of the radiant, and numerous little flashes. Until after the moon had really got going, I fell asleep. My necks killing me now. :D


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stash    313

Question as meteors are burning up material do they give off light in any of the  narrowband ?  If they did then you could use NB to negate Mr B

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Tweedledee    1,521

I think meteors radiate various different colours depending on their chemical constituents and sometimes even change colour as different materials burn up.


Bright blue=calcium
Red and oranges can sometimes come from atmospheric constituents.


Some meteor showers are noted for a particular colour because they are predominantly made of a particular material.


I think filters would mostly make the meteors more difficult to catch, with or without the moon, but it is an interesting idea and I could be wrong.


Some give off sound and radio emissions which is a whole different area totally unaffected by the moon.

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Perkil8r    442

Not sure about UV but that would not surprise me either. X rays would require temperatures in excess of 1,000,000K so they are ruled out. The "average temperature" of a meteor is "only" about 2,000K. Listening out for radio reflections is about the only viable option for most of us while infrared would be the next theoretical best although beyond most amateurs due to the complexities of doing it. A super cooled ir camera up the top of a nice cold mountain might just about manage it though.

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