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Last night's Moon

Sunny Phil

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151 frames with my Mak and DSLR at 1.54m focal length, ISO 100 and 1/400 second exposure.




I also took some close-ups with my Mak and Bresser Electronic Eyepiece but have only processed one so far.




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Nice one Phil.

I was out with the Dob (OO VX12)  and grabbed a shot of it myself.

It was very bright, and from my back yard, pretty much drowned out anything else. Nice to get out with a scope though.

I spent a good hour looking at it and had some nice views with the bino. The powerswitch is a nice feature to have.


1 frame with my DSLR (6D) iso 100, 1/80s (processed or rather played about with in Mac Photos)





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