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Proof of concept IC 1396


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The other week I made a few small adjustments to the EQ6 so last night I gave it a run to see if it had helped. The guide graph was many times better than the last time out so I am happy. I also tried pinpoint out to solve and slew to a new pane, this is going to need a lot of panes and a lot of data.


Below image is 2 panes badly thrown together just to see if it worked. 40 mins each, 10 min subs, Ha. Atik 314+/L on ED80. Finder guider and SPC900 webcam. Capture in Maxim. Stack in Maxim and bolted together in Photoshop.




It ain't pretty but it has worked so now to add more data. I'm aiming for a couple of hours in each filter on each pane to start with then see where we get to. Full res looks a lot less noisy but not worth uploading at this stage.

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6 minutes ago, philjay said:

The guiding is a bit of alright at 10 minute subs, well done mate. Stars are pretty good shapes. 

Thanks Phil, I'm not sure focus was quite as good as it could be due to the nut behind the keyboard trying to focus on a bright looking star that turned out to be 3 :facepalm:

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That looks pretty sharp to me Mike.

I always compile mosaics in Microsoft ICE as it is much better at aligning stuff than I am :2thumbsup:

I always crop the edges off each stacked sub to remove stacking artefacts then let ICE do its thing.

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Full NB for the finished project but I'll do it in filter order I think, ie start and do the whole thing in Ha, then in Oiii and then either Sii or ESO pallette with wideband blue. Depends if I go natural or Hubble Pallette.

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