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Hello from Chesterfield!

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HI, I have only just joined these forms, and I have only been actually using my SGL account for about 3 weeks now, so go easy on me ;)

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Daz Type-R

Hi Joe, welcome to the forum.


Any questions fire away in the appropriate section and somebody will be along to answer it shortly.


Enjoy the forum.

Edited by Daz Type-R

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Greetings Joe.

Tell us a little of your astronomy aspirations ?

Do you have a game plan? 


Enjoy the forum, and hope to meet you sometime.

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Sunny Phil

I'm one of those who have no connection with any society in the East Midlands. I just happened to find this board and, quite bluntly, it is my favourite. Yes, I will have more people see my photos if I post them on more "popular" boards but here, people not only tell you that they like your images they will actually suggest how to make them better.


As for me, I don't have much gear but like to think I do a lot with the little I've got.

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