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SkyWatcher Wifi adaptor/ SkySafari 5


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I've been having a few problems with the  sync hand set so returned to supplier. As a alternative i have been using the wifi adaptor. Using the  app and SkySafari 5 works a absolute treat. Be warned this system is not working on ios, crazy you need two apple devices for it to work, for android its fine. Very impressed and easy to use.

SyncScan Pro.jpg

Sky Sarfari .jpg

wifi adaptor .jpg

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I have my WiFi adaptor working on Ios, android and Win7 but I don't use Sky Safari which must make the difference?





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2 hours ago, BAZ said:

It's nice when something actually does what it says on the tin. That seems a good bit of kit for the money.

Hi Baz 


for the SkyWatcher WiFi adaptor it worked out the box on both iOS and Android. 


SkySafari would not work on my first choice of iOS. Looking on forums it appears iOS cannot run both the programs at the same time. I tried 2 iPhones connected at the same time running each app and this worked but not ideal. 


For Andriod it works on one unit but you have get the IP address and port setting right and quess what it’s not in any instructions.


For the SkyWatcher app, it does exactly the same as the hand controls but what’s nice is that when doing a alignment routine the stars available are listed rather than scanning through the hand set. 


Early days yet but I’m impressed.

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