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Random Luna Stuff 28-3-2018


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For somebody who does not do the moon things went a bit mad last night, over 120GB of data gathered with the C11 and the Chameleon.


Click through for full res.

























and not forgetting the terrible Jupiter image through the boiling atmosphere.


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Amazing stuff there Steve.

All I got to see last night was rain, rain and yet more rain.

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Lovely Steve, I did one myself night before last (CPC1100) and generated about 100gb, was going for a mosaic but it clouded - and what I did mosaic came out funny ( I think because I staerted when still daylight and into when it was darker - funny exposure differnece with same settings.  Just about to process a Jupiter which I suspect is even more soupy than yours! (although you've made a perfectly respectable effort given the dodgy conditions!)

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