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Looking for a low mid power eyepiece


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Im looking to buy 1 last eyepiece to fill in the gap between the 17.3mm Delos and 35mm Panoptic.

My short list would be either a 27mm Panoptic or 22mm Nagler.

Both of which i could get secondhand from a guy offering them on the ABS site.

Hes asking £210 for the 27mm Panoptic.

And im not sure what a 22mm Nagler would be worth sec/hand. But i would guess around £300

Which would you consider my best choice.


Regards Paul



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You already have 26x with the Panoptic and 52x with the Delos. You are proposing to spend an awful lot of money on something with either 33x (27Pan) or 41x (22Nag). They are not that much different to what you have. I think once you've found the object and got bored of the low power 26x view you'd want to go on to 52x and then say 100x. I'd be going the other way now and getting something like a 9mm Myriad 110 degree for about £160 new, giving 110x and just slightly less true FOV than the Delos (1.1 degree against 1.38).

If you must go for the 27Pan or 22Nag, I'd say you'd enjoy the Nagler every time, but then you might want to sell your Delos.

Choices - choices. ?

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Thank you for that info.

To be honest I love both my delos.

So comfortable to use.

Maybe I should just be happy with what I have for now.lol.

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Don't rush into it.


I would use what you have and over time you'll get a feel for where any gaps are that you actually have a need to fill, or maybe sell one and get a better one. After using what you have, work out your reasons for blowing £300 on another eyepiece.


Several good eyepieces should cover most requirements. No one really needs 41 eyepieces do they? ?

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On 20/06/2018 at 16:30, Tweedledee said:

No one really needs 41 eyepieces do they? ?


@Tweedledee that just made me laugh out loud when I read that!!!   ?

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