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Question: How do you find new content on EMS?


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I'm curious about the methods you all use to find new stuff on EMS.


  • Do you just scan the home page?
  • Do you use the Unread Content page?
  • Do you use the All Activity page? (did you know this one let's you know when there's new stuff, in realtime?)
  • Some other way?
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I use All Activity for a quick look if I'm logged-out, and Unread Content when logged-in,


They work well for me. ??

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I always glance at the 'Latest topics' section on the homepage and use that to checkout new content.

Unless these alot of new content  (too much to list - this is unusual)  i rarely miss anything new as i'm on here most days.


I often think i spend too much time in the forums and not enough time actually using my scopes and cameras.......?

I can't blame the weather and work all the time.....! ?

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Mostly a browse through and then unread to see all.

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