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Into August


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Nice report Ron, you bagged quite a few things there! ?

Did you see any detail on Mars? 

I ask because I too was out - I spent an hour up to midnight on Mars last night using my LX200, Mars was big, but it was low, so boiling a lot due to atmospherics, I could not see much detail at all. I then lost it as it went behind a neighbors house! I guess I need to see it around 1 to 2 am when it is higher! So that’s my next plan! ?

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No Stephen, no detail as you say it was quite low and boiling but wasn't it bright!!




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Its rare for Mars to outshine Jupiter, but it is at present !

I saw the 4 planets last night too.


Question : did anyone see a very bright meteor last night ? 

I'm assuming it was a bright Perseid.

I was looking north in the Ursa Major area and just timed it right.

Lucky, as i was driving a train at the time and going in the right direction.

Time was  22:15hrs

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No Rob, busy setting up and looking SE-S-SW , I would think it was a Perseid, right time of year! 

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You had a good night and not on a school night too. Mars is looking good even though it's like looking through net curtains at it.

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I've seen odd images suggesting that the storm is abating but Mars is placed very badly from the UK. It was noticeably brighter than Jupiter last night but both planets were too low to hunt for surface detail, even darn sarf where I am.


I'm hoping for clear skies on Saturday, as Sunday is the only day of the week I can lie in.

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I think the next Mars opposition will be a lot better for UK viewers.

Only a little bit further away, but much better placed.

Future oppositions :


27 July 2018              0.38 AU from Earth         in  Capricorn

13 Oct  2020             0.41 AU       "                 in   Pisces

8 Dec  2022              0.54 AU       "                 in   Taurus

16 Jan 2025             0.64 AU       "                  in Gemini

19 Feb 2027             0.67 AU      "                  in Leo   * Mars at Aphelion in its orbit when at opposition.






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It will be nice to view stuff when it's not hedge hopping. I would love to see the Planets  out of the murk.

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Me too Martyn.

It takes the shine off observing.

Probably one of the reasons i've lost my mojo a bit.

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