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TeamViewer / Other Remote Access Software

Derbyshire Dave

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I have been using TeamViewer to remotely access my Windows 10 laptop for observing. It was great, even the sound on APT came through. It seems to have expired though, even though I chose personal use, for which I thought it was free.

I tried uninstalling on the laptop, including removing settings, but when I re-install it always says expired straight away.


Am I right in thinking it should be free, and unlimited. If not are there are other free software solutions that people use?




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My teamview though up a wobbler the other week until i udated it both ends and has worked fine since on the LAN only setting.

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If you use google chrome Dave try Chrome remote desktop, i run my obsy computer remotely with my laptop, touchpad, phone...whatever takes my fancy, basicly anything that loads Chrome, and it has sound too  ? after first setup there is no signing in, just click the icon and your on..


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Thanks. Travelling all day today so will have another go tomorrow and re-install both ends as Steve says. It obviously works for Sheila too, thanks Sheila.


If not I’ll try and see what Chrome offfers.. thanks Wayne

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Thsi was eventually sorted out by applying to TeamViwer and convincing them that I really was using it for private use. They changed the licence and I have been fine ever since..

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