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Solar Imaging


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As if the dark side isn't bad enough, I'm now teetering on the edge of the bright side :rolleyes:

Scope is SW 200P, camera is 350D Modded or I also have 300D un modded, I have Baader film and in process of making the holder for it for a 90% appature solar mask using the Baader Film. I've seen people say about using a green filter in conjuction with the Baader solar film to help bring out detail for observation. This leads me to 2 questions:

1, Which camera am I better off using, the 300D un modded or the 350D modded?

2, Would using a green filter help with imaging or can this be achieved with levels etc in processing? If using a filter will help, what would be the most cost effective way of getting one in the train of equipment?

I'm not expecting miricles, I know the equipment is less than ideal, but I can't justify spending too much on it at the minute, besides I want to improve my dark side equipment before I start getting too carried away. I just want to get as much out of what I have in time for the Transit.

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Hmm.... I need to do some shopping I think. I have the T ring, and that screws onto the 2" adaptor on the SW focuser. There's no thread inside it that works out to be a standard filter thread size. The 1.25" adaptor does screw inside the 2"-T thread part when using 1.25" EP's but that has a 36mm thread, which as far as I can make out is not a standard thread size for filters.... I see Ian King do a 2" to EOS adaptor that does away with the T thread all together, that has 48mm threads in it for the 2" filters, so that would be one way around it I guess......

Where's the best place to get a green filter #58 I believe is the reccomended one? in 2" though......

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