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5 Globbies a wild duck and beautiful pair....


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M11 Wild Duck cluster.


Albireo 3 x 10 secs, darks, flats & Bias.

All taken 12-13 May 2012

Skywatcher 200p, HEQ5, Canon 1000d unguided.

All clusters are 7 x 2 minute subs with darks, flats & bias frames.

Edited by andyboy1970
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My my, you have been busy :D , great images of the globular clusters, and you have really captured well the contrasting colours of Albireo.

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Love the last photo, captured the colour difference nicely.

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Cheers guys, it was a nice way to end a 6 week imaging drought!

Observed all of these visually on Friday night due to the windy conditions so it was nice to get to image them the next night.

Quick edit, nobody noticed that I had labeled M92 as M82, now fixed.

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