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Hello from Dunstable (not really east midlands)

Guest Hooch

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Guest Hooch

Hello people,

Not quite from the East Midlands but thought I would join here as on stargazers lounge I feel a bit lost! Seems they get a lot of new people who post a few threads and disappear so wanted to join somewhere a bit smaller who could give a bit more in depth advice!

Here's the story, currently I have a Celestron NexStar 300 slt but this week should be picking up my Skyliner 200p. Get myself a few eyepieces as well, a TBM 7mm planetary eyepiece and a meade 15mm super plossl. Also have the standard 25mm and 9mm celestron eyepieces. Got a set of filters which include a polarizing filter and light pollution filter.

Currently looking for some hints on what you guys think would beneficial for my to buy, I have looked into flocking the tube and dew filters which I think I will do in the future.

If i'm honest i'm not looking to spend hundreds on eyepieces but I also know you get what you pay for!

So go for it, let me know you wisdom....


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Hi and welcome to EMS.

I'm making the assumption that your 200P is on a dobsonion base? If so, you can mode the base as I (and many other people) found the smoothness of the standard setup a little jerky. You could upgrade your finder scope, add a Telrad or another sort of red dot finder, like you mentioned above, purchase some dew prevention kit (I'm currently in the middle of doing this) as well as some dew shields or electric or dual speed focusers.

There is plenty of mods you can make to a 200P and it's base, a list of what I have got/done is in my signature below.

As for ep's, it sounds like you have a decent set all ready, as well as some filters, so to start off with I would say your set.

Anymore questions just ask away in the relevant section (as you will get a quicker response) and we will do our best to answer them.

Enjoy the forum. :)

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Hi Colm and a warm welcome to EMS. :)

Sounds like you have it nailed - 200P's a smashing scope and a dewshield is a great idea. Make on from a matt black camping mat - mine was a fiver so dirt cheap and very effective. Just about everyone with a dob here has flocking - there was a sudden mad rush on Wilko's black velour a few months back so our local store ran out lol.

Mead do some nice eyepieces so you chose well there - mine's very crisp and clear - and TMB's are fast becoming an affordable value for money upgrade for a lot of new dob owners.

An interesting and very good upgrade you may consider is a Wixey magnetic angle guage for setting the altitude, and an azimuth setting circle for the base - very cheap and makes a surprisingly accurate pointing system for £30 - £35 (use in conjunction with Stellarium or CdC).

I find the best upgrades I made to save back and neck strain was an adjustable ironing chair and a right angled finder (and or a Telrad finder).

Enjoy the forum :)

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Welcome to EMS :)

I have the 200P also and love it. I fully flocked mine.

I Replaced the original focuser with a lacerta dual speed 1:10 focuser upgrade. I followed Baz seniors guide to do this and it was spot on and really makes a difference when you want to eek that bit of extra detail and is cheap at £50ish. I also bought a Hyperion Mark 3 8-24mm zoom eyepiece which I always reach for now-great eyepiece. I also added the Orion 9x50 right angled correct image finder scope. I haven't yet modded the base with a lazy Susan bearing but intend to do so at some point. There's loads to do with the 200P.

Maybe one thing you old get would be a Barlow lens. I am in the market at present for a televue powermate so I can use my SPC900NC webcam to get some images of Saturn. Oh yeah you could get a SPC900NC webcam :)

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Guest Hooch

Cheers guys, looks like you have suggest pretty much what I was planning to do!!

Already have a 2x Barlow, its this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25-2x-Achromatic-Barlow-Lens-/380366009581?pt=UK_Telescope_Eyepieces&hash=item588f94b4ed

Bought it when I first got my scope sooo i'm not sure if buying a higher quality one will improve the image? I did see people were suggesting one that had a detachable bottom and when screwed onto an eye piece it would give 1.5x zoom? Cant remember what it was....

Also the scope that i'm getting has a red dot finder with it which is nice!

I have been using 'google sky map' on my android phone which to be honest is amazing, literally point it at the sky and it will tell you what is up their, also has a search feature, you guys should defiantly try it out!

I will look into the bearings on the mount as it is the skyliner mount. I will also look into the electronic focuser that I believe 'Daz type-r' has as I have seen the photo of the 200p that comes up on Google (http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.co.uk/uploads/med_gallery_25_14_172574.jpg).

I'm going to keep an eye out on astrobuysell for cheap eyepieces as the quality of the 15mm meade one I bought is top notch, I know the jap versions are better then the newer chinese versions so will look out for those. Looks like this is going to be a money pit!

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Hi Colm, a warm welcome to EMS.

Looks like you are already getting to grips with the 200p, which is a really good scope.

I can't really suggest much, other than have a look at the BST explorer eyepieces, I have two and for the money are good value.

Enjoy the forum.

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That still gets me, my scope and dining room are searchable on Google. :)

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