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Low power wide angle eyepiece advice.


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I am currently using an 8 inch F5 Newtonian reflector and was wondering do any of you have any suggestions for a good low power (25 or 32mm) eyepiece with a 60 degree or larger field of view.

I am a little confused as reviews i have read for a lot of eyepieces say that a lot do not perform at their best in fast scopes like mine.

I would be looking to spend anthing up to £80.

Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks,


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I would suggest you have a look for something 2", it will be a better performer at that focal length of eyepiece. It's a bigger bit of glass to get maximum amount of light through.

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Guest Kheldar

EPs are a very personal thing, you have to see what level of abberation you are happy with.

Panaview 32mm fits in your budget and will work "well" : some can tolerate the abberation in the outer FOV though, some can't :)

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Best thing to do is get together with the chaps at Gibraltar point and have a look through a few 2" ep's. Hopefully it will give you an idea what you can expect to see and the level of abberation you can ignore.

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