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Canon 1000D

Guest Fluke

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Guest Fluke

Ok my B'day is coming up in a few days I want to upgrade from my webcam to a DSLR.

I few of you guys seem to rate the Canon 1000D as a good entry level camera and looking around, one of these would suit my budget.

With the camera, I know you remove the lens and attach just the body to the scope, but being a complete noob to DSLR's firstly what adapters would I need to connect to the 127Mak?

And is there anyway to connect the body to a hyperion zoom lens?

What's the lens like that comes with the camera? I've read the camera offers image stabilisation but the lens that comes with it doesn't? As I will be using the camera for general use as well as astro, will that matter? Might it be better to by body only, then buy a better lens in the future?

Thanks, Dan

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A 'T' adaptor for the Canon fits onto the Hyp Zoom direct, very easy, It's what I use!

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I'd go for the 1100d or the 450d which I've got. They play better with BYEOS the 1000d is an older processing chip and a bit more prone to noise and amp glow. Some good 2nd hand kit going

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