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First ever DSLR image. M81.


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Well I finally got to use my new 350 d last night.

I have no idea what I am doing so unsuprisingly the result is pretty poor to say the least.

Using my Helios 200 I took the following RAW images.

All unguided.

20 30 second subs at ISO 200

10 30 second subs at ISO 400

10 20 second subs at ISO 800

1 2 minute sub at ISO 200

Then took 40 darks at 20 seconds ISO 400.

Put the resulting images through DSS.

I had a quick play with the tools in DSS and a quick tweak in Picasa but other than that no processing.

I know it is rubbish but on the bright side it can only get better.



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Guest Kheldar

It's a good start, there's clearly a DSO there :)

If I might make a suggestion for your next run out?

Stick with one ISO, I used 800

Stick with one exposure length, you don't really need that two minute long sub on the end

So for example try 40 exposures at ISO800 of 30 seconds, and the same for darks.

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Stephen - many thanks for the advice I will give that a go next time. The link you posted for DSS was brilliant. It turns out I moved the sliders the wrong way. lol.

Pat - Thanks I reckon this is going to be one hell of a steep learning curve.I must sort out my guiding though, that spc just don't match up as I cannot seem to focus it on any stars. I am going to reverse the scopes next time and use the newt for guiding.

Still all good fun though.

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