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Is there a reason to turn off the lights?

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Nature may agree with us...


Some very interesting work that's been done, which adds more pressure to start switching them off!

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Trouble is - we're fast running out of fossil fuel and turning to bio fuel for a solution - for that they are cutting down the rainforests in humongous swathes. We'll soon see weather pattern changes as a result - as well as wild life patterns altering the face of the Earth. All food for thought :)

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Dont' be convinced by the biomass rain forest reporting in the media, a lot of it is utter bollocks. In the UK, all operators have committed to sourcing biological matter (wood pellets) from a sustainable source. Most of those operators are European and will no doubt be making similar pledges abroad.

What I would be more worried about is stagnating investment in the energy industry. It really is coming close to blackouts if this "green" (my arse) government doesn't act.

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