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Second attempt with the 350 D. M57


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Well had another go last night with the 350D.

Started off with 50 20 second subs at ISO 800.

Put through DSS with 50 darks.

Dont know what I did wrong but all I ended up with was a black photo.

Anyway I did 10 120 second subs again as ISO 800

Out them through DSS along with the darks and ended up with this picture.

Next Job on the list is to make an adjustable guide scope.

No matter what I did I just could not get a guide star to show up to use.

All good fun hey.

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Looks like a good start. I don't know much myself, but it looks a bit like you might just need longer subs to me. It looks like you've stretched it quite a bit there to get some detail? A longer sub length should bring more out with less stretching I believe, although as I say I know very little myself yet. I've never seen M57 yet, let alone tried to image it, so you're miles ahead of me.

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Nice picture there but is that not M51, I thought M57 was the ring nebula?

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Guest Kheldar

Looking good ... apart from the fact I think it's M51? ;)

As Mike says, looks like you've had to stretch pretty hard to bring the detail out. Lots of iteration of smaller stretches and level adjustments are better than big harsh stretches.

When you run DSS, click the box that says Recommended Settings : just to make sure something isn't set randomly :)

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Thanks folks.

It is a start of sorts.

I will increase the sub length when I get this guiding sorted.

That is the project for today, make a guide scope up from a 44mm Helios camera lens.

Brownie points to all who saw the typo. I rearly must clean this key board so I can see the digits on it.

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