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Salvaged from disaster. M101 from last night.


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Hi folks.

Like the title says last night turned into a disaster when I noticed a black line across all my subs.

I had a hair on the sensor.

It was too late to do anything about it so I carried on regardless in the hope I could do something withthe resulting subs.

For the first time I put some 'Flats'into the mix when processing in DSS.

Total input into DSS.

25 Lights - 3 minuet subs at ISO 800

25 Darks - 3 minuet subs at ISO 800

5 Flats - 3 minuet subs at ISO 800

I was amazed with the results because the rogue hair had missed the target by a fraction on every sub and I was able to crop it out before I started playing with the adjustments in DSS.

Today I really took my time and spent a good hour just tweaking the various adjustments in DSS and I must say I am very pleased with the result.

This has got to be the very best I have achieved so far.



I don't know why but the image on here is a lot more 'grainy' than the original.

The original 'tif' is soooo much better.

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I think this is a link to a full sized version.

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Guest Eddy

Nice job Graham, i'd be pleased with that.

Can I just ask what you use to image? Is it camera onto the EP?



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Hi Ed.

Canon 350 D Camera straight onto scope with a T ring, No EP involved.



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Hi there.

I just did them the same as the others.

What would you recommend they should be.

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Drop glider a pm on that

I think its a third of the histogram

I know the last ones I did were less than 1 sec,if I find the answer I will post it

darks on the other hand should be the same as the lights


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