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26th May Moon


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Seeing as I couldnt get to Sawley the other night (the wife knows why :) ) I set up and had a look at lunar and Saturn through the Meade 127EDT. Couldnt resist a shot at the moon with the 1000d though.

Stack of 40 frames in registax mucked about with in PS

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I do love a good atmospheric/moody moon shot and Phil that is a cracker.

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Fantastic shot phil, loads of detail and great colour :)

Edited by catman161
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Guest Steve

Sorry Phil, but you must be doing it wrong. When I looked at the moon with my scope it was like a examining a 500W SEARCHLIGHT through a toilet roll!!! :blink: Think I need some filters!

Very nice shots - inspirational -I will be trying my hand at this stuff soon.

(Edited so sense it makes).

Edited by Steve
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