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Imaging with SPC900... Darks or not?


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It's just occured to me that in effect, when imaging with a webcam you are just taking 1,000's of short exposures. If that's the case, is it a good idea to take the same amount of frames with the cap on? Not sure why I didn't think of this at the time when I played with saturn the other night. Will it help? If so do you load the darks as an AVI in registax, or if not how does it work?

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Hi Mike

You can load a 'Darks' AVI into registax there is a button on the top task bar for them.

I have tried it but it did not seem to make any difference to the final result.

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Guest Kheldar

Darks will make virtually no difference with millisecond exposures.

Dark signal is accumulated over time (minutes)

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Guest AstronomyShed

Kheldar is correct with regards spc900 but you 'may' get some benefit if you are using a cmos chip based camera as opposed to a ccd as cmos can be a bit noisy, in fact the cameras currently entering the market from ZWOPtical have a dark subtraction routine built into the software/driver.

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