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Picture of the Month, May 2012


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This months DSO starts with M106 by Ibbo, taken at SGL7, http://www.eastmidla...5-m106-a-tweak/.

Andyboy1970 went on a glob fest, http://www.eastmidla...beautiful-pair/.

Kheldar got a fine first light with his new imaging rig, M81/82, http://www.eastmidla...m82-2012-05-12/.

Paul Laws snapped one of my favorites, M27, The Dumbbell, http://www.eastmidla...8-m27-dumbbell/.

Mr Blobby has just started to put a look in this month and todd8137 has gone straight for a closeup, http://www.eastmidla...7mm-dmk21-mono/.

Saturn featured heavily in this months Planetary, including this from oldfruit, http://www.eastmidla...-latest-saturn/.

philjay bagged a slice of Venus, http://www.eastmidla...8-venus-060512/.

Solar wise Perkil8r captured a nice full disc, http://www.eastmidla...my-first-solar/.

tbird also captured some sun spots, http://www.eastmidla...-12th-may-2012/.

Ibbo got some great swirls in Ha, http://www.eastmidla...1st-of-many-ha/.

So, this weeks winner is Paul Laws with his Dumbbell nebula, showing nice colour on a widefield star background that gives the nebula its scale, well done.

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Well done Paul and congrats to everybody else, some truly stunning pictures!

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Guest Eddy

Well done Paul and the others.

P.S. Noel It's POM not Week :P "So, this weeks winner is Paul Laws with his Dumbbell nebula,"

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Well what can I say!

I always look at the images, posted here, in awe and the fact it even got entered is fantastic. For sure it will spur me on.

It goes without saying - congratulations to all.

Kind regards.

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