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29th May Moon (st80 1st image)


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Given up with registax seeing as it seems to hate me and refuses to stack anything in any kind of nice way. So instead, here is a single sub, ISO200 @ 1/400 sec. st80 with 350D, Cropped, sharpened and levels in PS5

It's my first go at imaging with the st80 and I see there will be some issues with colours not lining up as I proceed into DSO imaging with it. Visually though it gave magnificant views of the moon with the 8mm BST, far better IMO than with the 200p.

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That is one hell of a lot of detail you have in there especially for a single frame Mike.

Its a shame Registax is playing up.

Which version are you using?

I gave up on 6 and only use 5 myself.

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Very nice, I'll bet you are pleased with that after all the hassle you have had.

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