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31/05/12 moon, webcam and st80


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Had a quick play with the webcam and the st80 tonight. Not all worked very well, but here are 2 shots both with Tal x 2 barlow. Captured in sharpcap and stacked in registax 5.1, no other processing other than in registax.

Not upto Pat's standards, but as a quick play to get used to stuff it's not bad.

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Also managed a single sub before clouds set in with the 350D, all processing in PS cs5, ISO200 @ 1/400 sec.

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I saw it flash through just as I had set it capturing. The first time I tried to stack in Registax it included that frame! lol Not what I had in mind.... I managed to get registax not to do it the next time, but just had to grab it for a laugh.

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