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Can anyone ID this Orrery


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Was out at an antique and collectors fair yesterday and its amasing what turns up. I found this little orrery on a stall and couldnt resist it for a fiver.

Its modern, plastic and card , the earth is blue tacked in place and the moon has gone missing but the gearing and everything still works.. Theres no identifying marks at all.

I was wondering if it may have been from someone like the Armagh Planetarium or the like but I cant find anything.

Any ideas?

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Just had an interesting half hour searching out just about every orrery, orrery collection, toy orrery etc. Seen nothing quite like yours Phil.

This one caught my eye. There are very vague similarities looking at the black gears and the bluish colour of the moon dial and the general style. Almost as if yours could have been a previous incarnation of it.


Hope to see another post to say you have found out all about it, good luck.


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I have found 2 images of this orrery, they belong to a guy call Enoch Lau, he has a website....maybe we could send him a message and ask him about it? He might know the maker/details etc.

His website HERE although he's a photographer, he may well have just took some pics of it....

Link to one of the pics HERE

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Thanks Nicky thats definately the one. The pics great because I can now make a replacement moon to the correct size, I shall send that chap an email to see if he knows who made them

Ta again

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