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Observing The Deep Sky: an astronomer's companion by Darren Bushnall.


Found this bargain book on Amazon. New for just £2.81 and free delivery! Paperback 175 pages.

You won't get better than this as a comprehensive guide to observing the deep sky. It covers everything from choosing scopes, binos and eps, accessories, atlases, sketching, light pollution (nice guide to filters), scope care and maintenance, and an excellent guide by constellation with lots of nice drawings of DSOs and double stars. The drawings give useful details of scope, magnification, filter used etc. The scopes used for the drawings are 80mm binos, 200mm and 300mm reflectors, just the sort of scopes used by most EMS members.

It concentrates on visual DSO observing only (nothing about the dark side, no planets, no solar). It contains good quality black and white photo's, and has an informative glossary and table of objects.

Since the latter half of the book is taken up by the constellation DSO guide which you would dip into as needed, you could read this in an hour or two. Any deep sky beginner will see a lot more at the scope on their next night out. I've had a few years at it now, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable read and learnt some new tricks.

For the price of a pint, just get it, you won't be disappointed.

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I had this one a few years back I thought it was a great book, packed with info for the beginner, a little lacking for the more advanced DSO's but a great book especially at that price.

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Nice spot, have just purchased at £2.77! will sit along side TLAO 4th ed which I still haven't read yet lol

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Just bought this myself, only 4 left in stock from one of the sellers, seem to be going fast.

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Wish I was on some commission :D .

LOL, at £2.77 I doubt you would get much! :)

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