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3x Barlow.


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I have a skywatcher 2x Barlow, you know the cheap one that comes with the scopes, and also a TAL 2x barlow. The TAL is quite noticably better both visually and imaging wise. What I am after now is a 3x Barlow, primarily for imaging with the webcam in the 200p on planets. I know the TAL's are difficult to find now, so can anybody either point me in the direction of a store that have them in stock, or a suitable alternative?

I notice with the 2x barlows, the SW seperates the colours quite badly where as the TAL does not seem to do it as much. This is more noticable with the webcam than visual, but still evident at the eyepiece.

I've also seen some 5x Barlows think they were "Revelation" or something? Any views on these?

Answers on a postcard.........

Budget wise I'm hoping around or slightly over TAL money.

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I have the revelation x5 barlow.....and for me, it's pretty bad. Too much mag maybe? I got a 3x Tal luckily, and it's ok (if my scope and mount behave that is!)

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In what way do you feel it's bad? Optically or just too powerful?

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5x is too much magnification.

You are best not going any higher than a 3x barlow, any higher is unusable and just a waste.

You have a 200P, so it's highest practicle magnification is approx 400x, all thought you will never achieve that in this country due to the seeing conditions.

Stick to a magnification of no more than 300x (on the rare occasion the skies are that good), a 3x should give you that.

Hope that helps.

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Ok, so 3x decided, which one to go for at TAL sort of money and where from? I did see TAL's in stock somewhere, but can't for the life of me find them now.

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