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This has got to be my best Luna ever.


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Hi folks.

I have just got to share this one with you.

After a night of frustration trying to capture M91 with non stop clouds and grief with the guiding as a result I finally gave up.

So I started playing with Back Yard and discovered that you can change the shutter speed.

I know I know thick or what but forgive me I thought it was just for Bulb setting.

Any way I swung the scope round on to the moon and started playing with shutter speeds and ISO settings to see what they did.

I was amazed as I have never tried taking photos of anything other than DSO's with the Canon 350 D.

I ended up selecting the best 44 jpeg's of various ISO and shutter speeds and blending them together in Registax.

The final result is the most incredible photo I have ever produced.

It is a Tif photo and it is absolutely huge coming in at 45.5 MB.

I have done a conversion to a jpeg photo to upload here.

I will try to upload the full sized version to photobucket and put a link back to here.

I think I am going to love this DSLR game.



Its no good cannot upload the tif its just to big.

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Thanks folks.

I have been having a play with this in Picassa to adjust the contrast a bit.

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Nice job Graham.

Had another go at the Bubble nebula but simply couldn't get a run going because of the clouds. Also EQMOD/CdC wouldn't play together for a while.

I only completed 5x2 minute subs with darks after numerous cloud roll-ins but there's not much data to process tbh. I imagine 5 minute subs would be the minimum for this target?

Did a quick RAW session on the moon before hitting the sack at 0600! The clouds disappeared then!!


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Hi Paul

I would love to have a go at that, trouble is I can never find it.

I have ordered in a new book which should tell me how to star hop to find the DSO's.

Maybe then, I live in hope.

Keep up the good work on that bubble.

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1/4 of the way from Caph (Cassiopeia top right of the 'W') to Alderamin (Cepheus bottom right of the 'square').

If you can frame 4CAS then you are there :)


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Cheers Felix, It started off as something to do ended up at four hours long.

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Nice image Graham. Slight loss of focus to the bottom right but the top is spot on.

In photobucket put you mouse pointer over IMG code and click on it, then in here write what you want and right click and paste. You will now have a big image in here.

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