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Sun 19.06.12


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Managed to get a couple of hundred frames betwenn clouds rolling over this morning but wasnt quick enough so this ended up as a stack of just 78 frames but it still shows the spot group close to the limb at the mo.

Taken through Meade 127EDT with Atik 314l using Kendrick solar film on the scope and baader contrast booster, IR block W#23a filter on the camera

It was nice to see the sun for a change

Oh forgot to say it was taken at approx F15 using a Vixen Lanthanum 2x barlow and its false colour in PS

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Smashing shot Phil - loads of surface detail as well as the sun spot grouping - very nice :)

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Thanks chaps. Im enjoying actually using a scope for a change, OK its not under a night sky but its better than nowt.

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