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New theory of Sun Spots

Guest DN18

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New observations now show Sun Spots to be , infact clouds.

Quote from the book I,ve been reading

"Now we can read readily from an opinion as to the nature of these cloud-like masses, the

so called solar rice grains by considering what the spectro-scope has told us about the

vaporous atmosphere in which they float"

"The clouds then float in the atmosphere of the Sun are clouds in which drops of metal

play the same part which drops of water play in our own clouds. We may describe the

solar rice grains, in fact as mighty metallic clouds"

So thats it. Sun spots are infact clouds. You heard it here first

So what book was I reading for this breaking news ?

"Other Suns than ours" by R A Proctor . Published 1896

Its just one of many old astro books I,ve got , going back to 1840.

Would you believe they once thought the dark clouds on Jupiter were gaps in the

clouds, showing the surface of the planet. Lots of interesting reading.

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