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Ascom Driver for HEQ5 Pro

Derbyshire Dave

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Derbyshire Dave


  I've been having trouble with my ascom HEQ5 PRO connection. The connection between mount and Sequence Generator Pro has been timing out occasionally (maybe once an hour). It had previously worked just fine with APT or SGPro.

  So, in a fit of enthusiasm, I thought I'd re-install the HEQ5 ascom driver. I uninstalled the original, and then looked for a replacement on SourceForge. The original driver was something like "EQMOD ascom", or maybe included HEQ5/EQ6 in the name.


  I have just looked and it's suggesting something called Ascompad. I'm sure that's not right, I tried it and got problems. Could anyone advise as to where to find the right driver please





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Try this Dave.   https://sourceforge.net/projects/eq-mod/files/EQASCOM/

you were right Graham. Thanks. Working again, another beer on the slate..

Derbyshire Dave
54 minutes ago, Graham said:

Graham (and Ron!) Thanks. I agree about the gamepad Ron, that makes sense..


I think that this is the ascom platform itself, and that on top of that I need a separate driver for each item. I have one for my ZWO filter wheel and my Lakeside focuser. What I am missing is the specific driver for the HEQ5 I think. Does that sound right?

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Derbyshire Dave

Actually I might be wrong there. I have found EQASCOM_V200q_Setup.exe and ASCOM_Platform_63.exe in my previous downloads... errrrr.

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