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My Dob Mod's

Guest fish

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Finnished the main parts of my Dob base, fitting a Lazy susan bearing, moded center pin and adjustable setting circle.

Things left to do are fit battery and box, wixey,led lighting on setting circle and Telrad finder.

The setting circle was a modded one from the net ,it's in four A4 Jpegs, just print all four ,cut out, then laminate in one A4 folder . Cut them out and stick together. The setting circle is fixed to a rubber mat that is held in place with the four spacers and can move to allow adjustment.

A big thank you to Daz for all of the info you have published on the net, it is a great help.

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Looking good Keith, that setting circle mod looks good too, are you planing on cutting a hole out of the "top" board so you can see the setting circle?

Still need to get mine enlarged, printed and then laminated, must get round to it sooner or later.

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Thanks for the comments I will add pics to the thread as I complete bits just for anyone thats interested :) .

The hole is cut, just trying to work out a way of finnishing the hole so it looks good, I have found an old Cokin 3d close up filter that enlarges the numbers for my old eyes :) but need to work out a way of making it look ok rather than an old filter stuck on the top.

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Finnished adding bits to the top of the Dob :-

Orion centering adapter, Telrad and Wixey. Very happy with the additions but the tube is now top heavy .

Made a holder for my old filter , needs to be screwed down and inside the hole blacked.

Next on the list will be battery box and LED light on the setting circle.

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Guest drchrisjackson

Have you guys read: "Astronomy Hacks" ... Check it out on Amazon, I have an xx14i and that book gave me invaluable advice regarding dob mods.

My second biggest influence has been "jays astronomical observing blog" which again details numerous projects and advice.

Cheers cj

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