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Summer viewing

Guest Ely Ellis

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Guest Ely Ellis

Hi all,

Not had much use of the scope since I got it due to work and weather.

Last night, (Sunday 24th June) it started off rather cloudy but seemed to be clearing quite nicely as the night cooled.

I took the chance to get the scope out and give it a go and also test a couple of EP's out, kindly lent to me by Steve (Ibbo).

Only being a novice and usure what to look at, I downloaded 'Tonight's Sky - June 2012', which gives a very short video brief of what to look for.

With the scope on the back garden I get quite a good view from North, through East and to the SouthEast. The house blocks everything to the West. I have a slopeing garden, so although I could put the scope at the bottom of the garden to view more to the West, it would leave it at a difficult angle, so just out on the patio is perfect.

So, first on the list was Izar in Bootes, I found Arcturus very high in the sky and too far over to the West, just visible over the house, unfortunatly it was still partly cloudy, possibly some high cloud too and I just couldn't locate Izar. Not a great start to the evening.

Second on my list was Corona Borealis, again, this was more to the South West, and I just could not locate it, possibly due to the high cloud, so things still not going well.

Ok, on to hercules and a look for M13. Not much hope with this one, but after locating the lobsided sqare in the centre of Hercules, I tracked along and amazingly there was the very faint fuzzy. A quick EP change and using averted vision, this was fantasticly clear.

So, next was nearby M92, having set everything with my setting circles, just a matter of moving the scope around and there it was, very similar experience to M13.

Now I'm on a roll, I thought I would try for Draco and the nice double of `Nu Draconis`. Easily found now I am getting the hang of it. Two very bright, widely separated, like a pair of headlights in the dark. With this being hight up in the sky, I was now vertually on my back on the patio looking almost vertical. I think I need to get a mattress or somthing out there.

Ok, time was getting on, so last go, swinging the scope around, again using the setting circles and found M39, wasn't too sure that I had it as it seemed very widely spaced out, but a quick look at Stellarium confirmed that I was definatly looking at M39. As it was spread quite wide, I stuck with the 25mm EP (standard from Celestron) and interchanged with Steve's (Ibbo's) 40mm Super Plossl.

That lot took me until just before 1am, so that was enough for the night.

Hope I haven't bored anyone too much, but I was quite supprised with the evenings viewing.

So, what to look at tonight... any suggestions?


Edited by Ely Ellis
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Not boring at all - nice to hear someone who's actually getting out there and seeing stuff. Smashing report Martin :)

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