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Dew heater power.

Daz Type-R

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I am starting to get my dew system together at last, I am sorted for power thanks to Martyn, I have just received my Kendrick dew controller, Telrad heater and finderscope heater (still need to purchase the ep heater and make a secondary mirror heater) but the reason for my post is......

How do you decide what power setting to set the controller too?

Too high and the optics will be too warm, not high enough and the dreaded dew may form!

Also, are you best turning on your dew system before you start your nights observing so dew does not have a chance to form, or just halfway through your observtion time (I suppose this depends on the level of moisture in the air????)

Or does the level of heat in the optics not really matter for me since all I am doing is visual (no astro photography)


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Start it on low - say 20% or 30% - this won't be too high for any session. If the view starts to get misted then turn it up one notch at a time till the view clears. It will make a big difference both imaging and observing. :)

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Through my own trial and error method I've found that putting it on low at the start of the session gives best results, other wise if your like me you will forget to turn it on until It's too late, especially if your on wet or damp grass, if it's a warm night then I don't use it

Also using it on low saves the battery if your out all night

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I agree with the above comments, put it on low to start with. That gets the optics up to just above ambient temperature, and stops dew forming. As mentioned it can away's be increased, and should do a great job.

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