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Nagler 6mm-3mm Zoom

Caldwell 14

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Has anyone tried one of these? I use a 5mm or 7mm X-Cel at the moment and have no complaints, just wondered if I would notice an up -grade in quality with the ability to eek out that extra detail on a night with good seeing...your thoughts chaps?

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It would give you 150x to 300x magnification, which with your scope, is a very useful range if living under constant crystal clear skies. Not tried one myself but if I had the money I'd have no hesitation buying all TV gear. The thing you need to consider has to be wether the "frequency of use" is going to justify the outlay. I find 180x-200x is the range I view at mostly - UK conditions reduce the opportunity for going much higher. That said - on a good night you'll get flatter, crisper views, from edge to edge, with no discernable abberations - the limiting factor will be the scope optics. There's loads of info on both in this thread:


Just my opinions but hope that's useful :)

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