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Little GIF of Comet Atlas

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55 x 2 minute subs, 30 seconds between each sub, was a little bright last night for doing this sort of thing but once i had found it, i could not resist, first time i`ve ever done an animation like this before and it was a pain to do and get to a reasonable standard, saving the thing was a job to, my PC kept running out of memory and would not save, good job i`ve got loads of time on my hands at the moment.

hope you like,

All the best.

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thanks Graham,

bit of a learning curve as never done one before, a bit more focal length would be nice too but i think it looks fairly interesting moving across a star field

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I took the image normally doing 2 minute subs, with a 30 second gap between subs, so I had a total of 54 subs saved as fit files, then I opened Photoshop cs3 and in workspace at top choose animation, then file, new, which gives a new blank frame, then go to file, place and choose the first sub, it should open in Photoshop then click place again and it should show up on the animated film strip at bottom, I also clicked on filter despeckle just to clean up the noise a little as I had not added any darks, flats, or bias frames as you have not stacked any images as you would normally do, keep doing the same until all subs are added the you can choose how long each frame should be highlighted, then it's just save the file for web choosing GIF format, they can be massive file so you may need to lower the amount of data.

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